The Way of Salvation

The Way of Salvation

1 By Charles Finney

2 Preface

3 Sermon I - The Rule by Which Guilt of Sin is Estimated

4 Sermon II - The Self-Hardening Sinner's Doom

5 Sermon III - The Loss When a Soul is Lost

6 Sermon IV - God's Anger Against the Wicked

7 Sermon V - Men Invited To Reason Together With God

8 Sermon VI - Conscience and the Bible in Harmony

9 Sermon VII - Salvation Difficult to the Christian, Impossible to the Sinner

10 Sermon VIII - The Salvation of Sinners Impossible

11 Sermon IX - Any One Form of Sin Persisted In is Fatal to the Soul

12 Sermon X - The Wrath of God Against Those Who Withstand His Truth

13 Sermon XI - The Doom of Those Who Neglect So Great Salvation

14 Sermon XII - All Things For Good To Those That Love God

15 Sermon XIII - All Things Conspire For Evil to the Sinner

16 Sermon XIV - God Has No Pleasure in the Sinner's Death

17 Sermon XV - The Rich Man and Lazarus

18 Sermon XVI - The Wants of Man and Their Supply

19 Sermon XVII - On Believing With The Heart

20 Sermon XVIII - On Being Holy

21 Sermon XIX - On Self Denial

22 Sermon XX - On Following Christ

23 Sermon XXI - Conditions of Prevailing Prayer

24 Sermon XXII - An Approving Heart Confidence in Prayer

25 Sermon XXIII - On Praying Always

26 Sermon XXIV - On Prayer for the Holy Spirit

27 Sermon XXV - Afflictions of the Righteous and the Wicked Contrasted